Unbelievable! An apple grain, two colors, two flavors. The reason?

When 72-year-old from Britain, Ken Morrish free to double-colored apple, banana tree hanging in his garden, remember that someone is making jokes!
But, looking in more detail apple, banana, realized he had to do next with a joke, but a real thing, where grains of apple in half of it was another red and green.
Agriculture specialists are claiming that this strange show two colored apple, may have been due to a genetic anomaly, very rare thing in terms of agriculture, as this can happen in a 1 million!
"Cultivate apple here 45 years and for the first time see a thing. There is only the difference in color, but the symmetrical division between the two colors, "said Ken.
Meanwhile, it should be noted that the red apple was delicious with the green side. "This is due to greater solar radiation that benefited the surface of" delicious "that had fruit in that area", say experts.