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ANA out "publicly" with masks (Video)

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ANA out "publicly" with masks (Video)

Following the press release of the Albanian National Army , KohaVision also provided video footage of a meeting of its members elsewhere in Kosovo . The situation in the Presevo Valley and in the northern part are the points to be discussed by people who consider themselves superior to ANA . With a final decision ANA requires mobilization of all members to be ready to defend the Albanian lands . They claim to have the most modern weapons recently and more present through photographs , reports Daily Time . ANA requires mobilization of members who are willing to protect and give orders to remake the person said to be commander of the special unit Kobra . They say they have modern weapons , but it 's showing through pictures . After removal of the commander , others continue meeting " with concrete plans ." " A part of me take two others prepared for any situation ," be heard in the film , as well as the " snipers are on the lookout 24 hours ." VCT has also provided a facsimile signed on January 9, 2012 in Vushtrri , the " Commander Koçaku " and "Commander Klina " , which requires mobilization of members of the ANA . ANA presentation , press either or footage , had earlier, there was tension whenever the situation with Albanians and others in the region , but everything ended pompozitete media , for which many at ANA has also called " virtual army " .